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vituko kishenzi humu officine paka ninapata news inakuwa balaa unaweza kuta mtu anapiga picha aakazingua. huyu aliye vaa shati jeupe ametoka zake Marekani now yupo mjini hapa anasukuma michakato ya kibongo

Monday, August 17, 2009


  1. Get her number. Whether you want to call her or text her, you'll need her phone number. Ask her for it. Yourself. If she gives you her phone number, you know that she's at least a little interested. Besides, it can seem pretty creepy if you get her phone number from one of her friends or by doing an internet search. If she's got a major crush on you, these indirect methods might work, but why even go there? You're smoother than that.
  2. Wait. Despite what you may have heard or read, there's no hard-and-fast rule governing how long to wait before calling her. If for one reason or another you've arranged to call her at a certain time, call her then--not earlier, but certainly not much later. Otherwise you don't want to seem too eager. Wait a couple days or so (3 days is traditional). Some people will advise waiting a week, but this can make you seem too disinterested, and the girl might not even remember who you are. In the end, you'll just have to judge this for yourself depending on your gut feeling and what you have going on in your own life.
  3. Decide whether to call or send a text message. In the past, text messaging a girl for a date would have been unthinkable. Now, however, it's becoming surprisingly common. That doesn't mean you should do it, though.

    • Text messaging is a good shotgun approach to dating. If you don't really care whether you offend the girl or whether you hear from her, it may be a good choice. For example, if you got four other girls' numbers that night at the bar, you could just text message them all. If one texts you back or calls you, you'll know that she's interested (unless, of course, she texts something like, "ur a wimp. learn how to use the phone").
    • The older, or more old-fashioned, the girl, the less likely she'll be receptive to receiving a text message.
    • Calling her shows that you're confident or at least interested enough in her to face the possibility of rejection. If it's simply a matter of confidence, work on this. It won't get any easier unless you actually start calling girls.
    • If the girl seems very casual and receptive to texting--for example, if she sent or received a text while you were talking to her--a text message may be appropriate to ask what she's doing or if she's in the neighborhood so you can hang out. Of course, if she was texting the whole time you were talking to her, you probably also have good reason to fear rejection, so a text may be the way to go.
  4. Think about what you're going to say. The phone call or text won't be your first impression. You already made that when you got her number, so don't worry that you won't say just the right thing. That said, think about what you want to say. Think about what you talked about (more importantly, what she talked about) when you met her--you were listening, weren't you--and think about what you want out of this call. You should have a reason for calling or texting her, such as asking her out on a date or, if not a date, at least asking her to join you for some activity or event. Think about it, but if you're calling you should not, under any circumstances, write out what you want to say and then read from your script.
  5. Make sure you've got the right person. Once you've dialed her number, make sure you have her on the line. In the old days, a guy might have to go through a "gatekeeper" (her parents, her roommate, her boyfriend), to reach a girl. Now that just about everybody has a cell phone this isn't much of a problem, but remember that there's always a chance that the person who answers isn't the girl you want to talk to. Ask to speak to her, or simply say her name as a question to verify that you have her on the line. If you're texting her, keep in mind that you have no way of knowing who will actually see the text.
  6. Introduce yourself. Whether you're calling or sending a text, you should immediately let her know who you are and where you met her or know her from.
  7. Make some small talk. Ask how she's doing. If you can make some appropriate reference to the night you met her--i.e. "Did you get your term paper done?" or "Did you ever find your earring?"--that can break the ice. If texting, you may want to skip the small talk and get right to the invitation so that she'll actually have something "important" to reply to rather than having to waste her time on potentially endless texts.
  8. State your purpose. Sometimes the small talk will just naturally develop into a conversation. If this happens, just roll with it and enjoy. When there's a pause, spring your question. If you're the old-fashioned type (or if she is) you might want to ask her to go to dinner and a movie this weekend. Alternately, you might just ask if she'd like to come to your party tonight or ask if she wants to get a cup of coffee.
  9. Set up a plan. If she's interested, don't dilly-dally. Just get the basic information you need from her (when to pick her up, for example, or where to meet her), or give her the information she needs (i.e. where to meet you). Don't question whether she'll show up or press for any more information than you need, but if she has questions or wants to continue the conversation by all means indulge her. If she decides to pass on your invitation, be nice about it and ask if she'd like to meet up another time. Maybe she will, and maybe she won't. Be pushy or whiny, though, and you can be sure she won't.


  • If you call and get her voicemail, should you leave a message? Before cell phones and caller ID, you could always avoid the uncomfortable message leaving if you wanted to. Now, though, there's a good chance she'll see that you called, so you might as well leave a message. Remember to leave your number, however, as there's always a chance she won't be able to see yours.
  • These tips are geared toward calling or texting someone for the first time. If you've already spoken with the girl on the phone, you probably don't need this advice.
  • While many may think text messaging is somewhat impersonal it is not a cowardly approach. Don't get brainwashed into that type of thinking. Text can be a good way to see if the other person, guy or girl is busy or not busy an wants to hang out. A phone call can accomplish the same thing; it just takes a little more time and can be intrusive of the other person's time.
  • Relax and take a couple deep breaths before calling. You've got nothing to be nervous about.
  • Asking a girl to join you for an activity you'll be doing anyway (going to a party or the basketball game, for example) implies less commitment for both of you than asking her on a romantic date.
  • Keep in mind that text messages are limited in their ability to communicate nuances, especially subtle humor. There are ways around this, such as writing "lol," but just remember that the girl can't hear you or see your body language.


  • Don't text or call her too often or she may think you're stalking her. In fact, you might be stalking her. If you're really interested in her but she doesn't respond to a voicemail or text, maybe try to get in touch with her once more--try calling if you texted her the first time--but if she still doesn't respond, let it go.
  • Get a text messaging plan or you will be too broke to do anything with her next month.
  • if the unfortunate happens and you need to leave her/him, a word of warning, never EVER leave them by text. it seems really unfair and cruel, if you need to, try calling instead, or even better face to face!

Friday, August 14, 2009


This is the most popular type of kiss.
This involves touching your tongue with your partner's and it can be quite a pleasant experience. There are a few tips to create a great French kiss.
Learn how to french kiss:

Relax - You lips should be relaxed, you body should be relaxed, otherwise it will be like kissing a dead fish for the other person. There are only two things involved in a French kiss:
your lips and your tongue. That's it!

Open ur lips
- Your lips should be slightly parted, not open wide like you're at the dentist. Open them just far enough, just like you are regularly breathing through your mouth.
Positioning - Do not have your face dead on to his/hers, otherwise your noses will touch. You want to move your head to one side just enough so your nose is out of the way of theirs. If you think about it then, with your head tilted one way and his the other way, your mouths will not reach dead on. Your mouths will meet at the corner of the other's mouth. It will look like the above picture:
If you look closely at the picture, you will see that their noses will actually touch the cheek of the other person. Their lips have already touched. When you touch the other person's lips and you stretch your tongue out a bit, your mouths will instinctively open as much as the couple in the picture.
To be continued as below...
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Tongue - Practice on your own if you'd like. Open your mouth enough (while you're by yourself of course!) just enough to stick a bit of your tongue out. It will go past your teeth. Don't stick your entire tongue out... just an inch or two. That is how far you should stick your tongue out in a kiss. So your tongue will go into their mouth and theirs will go into yours. When this happens, both of your tongues will touch. Then just circle the tip of your tongue around the tip of theirs. If they do something different (because you have to remember that everyone kisses differently so some may move their tongue around a bit differently) then just do the same as they do. They may flick their tongue over yours and you can do the same. Or they explore the inside of your mouth with their tongue, do the same thing! Or you can just lightly touch their tongue while they are exploring. The best thing is to NOT just leave your tongue doing nothing.
As for movement of the head, that is entirely up to you. Some people will move their heads very slightly in a small circular motion or figure eight. Sometimes they won't. Sometimes just one person moves their head and the other doesn't. It's totally up to you.
You may explore different ways of using your tongue. Try running the tip of your tongue over your partner's lips. Do this slowly and gently, just using the tip of your tongue.
To be continued as below...
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Look at the left Girly, she is so cute but Mr Jaja is the owner niggaz and no chance anymore wazeeyaa keep on looking for other gals, hapo hipo mzuka, keep on handlln' Jaja that she is so cute Mtuzima wazungu wanasema BINGOOO.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Maino - All the Above Lyrics featuring T-Pain
T-PainTell me what do you see
when you looking at me
On a mission to be
what im destined to be
I’ve done been through the pain and the sorrow
the struggle is nothing but love
(Nothing but love)
I’m a soldier a rider a ghetto survivorand all the above
all the above (repeat)

Really what do you see
When you looking at me
See me coming from nothing
to me living my dreams
i had been to the bottom
i had suffered a lot
i deserve to be rich
heading straight to the top
look how i rep for the block
look how i rep for the hood
i get nothing but love now
that i come through the hood
getting this fortunate fate
why leave that gold on this chain
the new bases are white call them John McCain
how the hell could you stop me
Why in the world would you try
i go hard forever that’s just how im designed
that’s just how i was built
see that look im my eyes
you take all of this from me
and im still gon’ survive
you get truth from me
but these rappers gon’ lie
im a part of these street
still the day that i die
i way hotter than hatters glad that i finally done made it
take a look and you can tell that i am destined for greatness.
Tell me what do you see
when you looking at me
On a mission to be
what im destined to be
I’ve done been through the pain and the sorrow
the struggle is nothing but love
(Nothing but love)
I’m a soldier a rider a ghetto survivor
and all the above
all the above (repeat)
Its easy to hate its harder to love me
yall dont understand yall quickly to judge me
put ur foot in my Nikes picture u livin in my life
picture u stuck in a cell
picture you wasting your life
picture you facing a charge
picture you beating the odds
picture you willing to bleed
picture you wearing these scars
thank you for making me struggle
thank you for making me grind
i perfected my hustle tell me the world ain’t mine
you ain’t seein me lately
im a miracle baby
i refuse to lose this is the ghetto then maybe
i put that on my fathertryna hope for tomorrow
when i think that i cant
i envision Bbamai envision O’Donnisi envision Ferarris
if the world was perfect
all my niggas behind me
aint u happy i made it that im making this statement
take a look and u can tell im destined for greatness
Tell me what do you see
when you looking at me
On a mission to be
what im destined to be
I’ve done been through the pain and the sorrow
the struggle is nothing but love
(Nothing but love)
I’m a soldier a rider a ghetto survivorand all the above
all the above (repeat)
Now we gon talk on this spot (Spot)
Or if im out on the block (block)
i hustle hard cos its all the same (they know, they know)
and you know that grind don’t stop
just cos i rose to the top (top)
and everybody knows my name (they know, they know)
Ayyy still grinding (still grinding)
still hustling (still hustleing)
no more pain (no more pain)
no more suffering (no more suffering)
my ladys and my shorties and my thug
skeep that task and that shine and the love
All the above (repeat)
Song Information
Released February 17, 2009
Recorded 2009
Genre Hip hop
Length 5:19
Label Atlantic
Producer Just Blaze and Nard & B

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Mchizi huyu katoka zake mbele alikuwa Pande za kina T.I now yupo bongo asukuma gurudumu la kimasikini, si bora arudi pande alizokuwa. Eti amekuja kumalizia $. Alafu amefungua maduka yanguo mtoto anamatatizo. Alafu katoboa sikio la kushoto we mcheck vizur.kama vipi rudi kwenu bro bongo hakuna la mana mtu mzima.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Huyu ndiye solo Thang mkali wa vina kama mpenzi wa bongon flavour kitambo kile, lakini now mshikaji yupoi pande za UK siyo Ukonga United KingDom anapigwa na upepo wa ukweli tuachane na hayo kusema kweli mshkaji anajua si wote tunakijua kitu chake cha traveller na hiki cha MSELA cha wateule mchizi mnamuonaje.


DA umeona hiyo wazee kuwa tuna fanya tu mambo yetu bila kukumbuka kinga just imagine ndiyo tayari hupo kwenye hari hiyo utafanya nini kama vipi tuache ujana tu huu tutayakuta.
tusiamini sana condoms nihayo tu.


Mcheck mwanadada alivyo pasuka lakini

mwisho wa siku wamerudina mapenzi haya..............

Monday, August 3, 2009


Name: Lil` Wayne
26Height:5' 6" (168 cm)
Eye Color:Brown - Dark
Hair Color:Black
Date of Birth: September 27, 1982
Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana
Star Sign: Libra
Nationality: United States
Occupation: Rapper



jisikie hupo ndani kwa nini usiwe fisadi jamani,


Haaaa ( Breath) , Whats up! – Lucci
Hey, hey, hey, hey hee haaaa –
It’s Brainstorm Musiiiiiic
Hee haaaa - It’s Brainstorm Musiiiiiic!
Hey hey hey hey, Brainstorm Music
baby (Fall in love again, say fall in love again)

1Here is another story from your local little hustler,
With Lucci on them beats ,
yeah you know we crunk masters,
It’s C to the P na you can call me Rasta,
Kitaa mpaka jukwaa narepresent mafree loaders,
King of Bongo Crunk, Hebu onja Mavocoders,
Yeah yeah Michael Chaaalee! Mavocodeeeers ( I feel you son),
Daily me nahustle asubuhi mpaka jioni na kama nikila bata mpaka Six in the Morning,
For so long dude I’ve been so lonely,
Till I met this chic and then she put it on mee,

She is my Prooobleem,
Yes she is hot and she’s cooler,
She got me like a fooler,
Like she has a spell on meee!Huyu manzii mzee,
nikimcheki mzee, I –i-i-i-i-I I fall in love again!
Nasema Proooblem,Yes she is hot and she’s cooler,
She got me like a fooler,
Like she has a spell on meee!Huyu manzii mzee,
nikimcheki mzee,I –i-i-i-i-I I fall in love again!

2Prooobleeeem, Lucci – AHUUUUUU
Mtoto wa kiafrika, Mtoto ameumbika,
Mchizi ndio nimeshafika,
situ ni malaika,
hata kichwani amekamilika,
She got one of those bodies you see on Bikini magazine,
The booty is soo Huuuh!
How she fit in em jeaaans?If love is blind, then get me a stick,
I don’t care what they say,
maan about this chic,Baby am tired of the game,
Baby am not the same,I’ve been breaking them;
they’ve been breaking mee,Shiit has hit the Fan,
I hope am not going through these dramas agaaain- Yeeei


Heyooo- heyoooooheyo oh ooh ooh –heyo oh ooh ooh,
Sema heyo oh ooh ooh – heyo oh ooh ooh
Sema heyo oh ooh ooh – heyo oh ooh ooh
Sema heyo oh ooh ooh – heyo oh ooh ooh
Sema heyo oh ooh ooh – heyo oh ooh ooh
I got to have her man – I got to have her man
I got to get her man – I got to get her man
She has to be mine – she got to be mine,
Yes we have to shiiiine,
This is kind of chic, who can be my babies’ mama,
This is kind of chic I can introduce to my mama,
This is kind of chic, who can be my babies’ mama,
This is kind of chic I can introduce to my Mamaaaa…
Yeah, yeah, yeeaaah, - I got to have her son,
trust me…

OUTRO:Hey, Hey, hey,ProooblemmmmmHey, Hey, hey, hey, hey. ( huuuu uuu uu, Hu uuuuu)

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